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…euro-americans in the United States can’t talk about Gaza, because
we can’t talk about Israel. Because we can’t talk about the fact that
the world is not suffering from a Israeli/Palestinian conflict, but
that the world is suffering from the fact that Europe has never been
able to deal with it’s ‘Jewish Question’ without some sort of intense
barbarity and horror from the Inquisition to the Holocaust. And that
Europe ‘solved’ the problem by supporting the radical, terrorist,
extremist Zionists and their mad plan to resettle the ‘homeland.’ We
can’t talk about Israel because we can’t talk about Wounded Knee.
Because we can’t talk about Sand Creek or Carlisle ‘Boarding School.’
Because we can’t talk about forced sterilization or small pox blankets
or Kit Carson and his scorched earth policy in the Southwest. Because
we have Andrew Jackson on our twenty dollar bill. Because we are one
huge settlement on stolen land. We can’t talk about Israel because we
are Israel.
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