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Because of Them, We Can's: Assata Shakur
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thank you trent reznor for everything. thank you dalek and el-p for everything else. thank you lex luger's arpeggios. thank you synths and drums on "808's and heartbreak" and "graduation." thank you clams casino's vocal samples. thank you neptunes on "hell hath no fury" and "lord willin." thank you young l's drums and samples. thank you aesthetic of "xx." thank you shawty redd's theramin game. thank you everything about block beattaz. thank you burial's "archangel." thank you young jeezy's voice on "the recession." thank you dj toomp's synths. thank you laptop. thank you. thank you paulstretch. thank you time stretch. thank you pitch shift. thank you dj screw's whole fucking idea. thank you city of syrup. thank you nolia. thank you wayne's metaphors. thank you timbaland and aaliyah and missy in the late 90s. thank you animal hide. thank you clay. thank you burzum's first four albums. thank you organ-based end section of "hvis lyset tar oss." thank you double picking. thank you double bass. thank you sub bass. thank you reason. thank you peak pro. thank you software piracy and torrents. thank you danja's weirdness. thank you avant and bloodshy. thank you britney spears' "blackout." thank you "no wow." thank you based god. thank you reverb on every arena rock song. thank you "endtroducing" for being completely sampled. thank you chorus of "all the things she said." thank you the-dream, tricky stewart, and radio killa. thank you zomby. thank you william basinski. thank you tears for fears.